Is Home Health Care For You?

Attentive Home Healthcare also qualifies those who wish to get services from its team of professionals by looking at the following eligibility requirements.

  • The client must be under the care of a Physician and must have a document certifying his/her need for home health care.
  • The client must be homebound. A homebound status means that the person can no longer leave home to do self-care activities such as visiting his/her doctor’s clinic, without experiencing much difficulty.
  • There is an inherent need for skilled care from a professional such as a Skilled Nurse, Physical Therapist or an Occupational Therapist.
  • For Medicare holders wanting to get services from our facility, there should be a document indicating an approval from Medicare.

For more questions and suggestions, you may contact us at 317-870-3965 or set an appointment to have a talk with any of our professionals.

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